Streptococcus colony I (S. pneumoniae)

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Name: Streptococcus colony I (S. pneumoniae)

Edition: limitiert auf 25 Stück

Masse: 70×50 cm

Vergrösserung: 40.643x

Our bodies host trillions of microbes, a collection of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that starts developing at birth and is unique to each of us. These microorganisms can communicate with our brains to regulate bodily functions and even influence our mood, as well as chronic conditions such as anxiety, through chemical communication pathways known as the gut-brain axis. Streptococcus pneumoniae can be found on the skin and in the mouth, respiratory tract, and gut.

Manually colored scanning-electron-micrograph by Martin Oeggerli.
The picture was published by National Geographic (USA) on the cover of their 125-years anniversary issue, Jan. 2013. The publication indicates that many important discoveries in the future will be made in the invisibly small universe of the microcosm.

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