Martin Oeggerli’s ‚acari-BOX‘

The acari-BOX includes a selection of 12 Hahnemühle fine prints (A5 size) and a handmade booklet. Edition ♯1 is dedicated to the acari (or ‚Mighty Mites‘, as National Geographic has fittingly called the project).  

In general, mites are smaller than a full stop in a newspaper. They are notoriously overlooked, suffer from bad reputation, and even condemnation in advance. By putting invisible creatures on stage, utilizing the scanning-electron-microscope, Oeggerli is setting focus at acari from a totally new perspective and encourages you to think a foolish public opinion over. Creating his first portrait of a mite back in 2010, the award-winning series has grown to 20 pieces over the last decade. By combining selected works side-by-side, Oeggerli allows you to discover and explore the diversity of a mysterious group of animals that includes more than 20.000 different species – but actually less than 2% are considered a parasitic nuisance. 

BOX: designed by Martin Oeggerli with Serial Number Limited

Dimension: W21.1 x D14.5 x H3.3 cm (W8.3 x D5.7 x H1.3 in)

Portfolio: 12 Hahnemühle prints (A5 format)

Special edition: 10+2 AP with artist’s autograph

Awards and Exhibitions 

The acari-BOX is currently on display at Sarasin Art gallery in Basel (Dec 2018-Mar 2019), side-by-side with selected works by Martin Oeggerli.