Ai Weiwei

Artistic Director
2011 Gwangju Design Biennale
“I greatly admire your innovative work.”

Julie Beer

National Geographic Magazine
“Photographer Martin Oeggerli talks about how he creates and colors his images and why he refers to himself as a ‘micronaut’-an astronaut for the microcosmos.”

Dr. Gordon Hendler

Curator Natural History Museum,
Los Angeles County
„Nature, down to its most minute details (…) and your artistry amplifies the effect- exceptional.“

Prof. Dr. Michael Peres

School of Photographic
Arts and Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
„I have seen Martin’s work. Stunning.“

Simon Connellan

Design Editor
“The images are absolutely fab, and amazing in detail (…)”

Todd James

Senior Photo Editor
National Geographic Magazine
“It is a wonderful tribute to the miraculous process of evolution”

David Griffin

Director of Photography (2005-2010)
National Geographic
„You are attaining a level of subtlety (…) of an accomplished painter. Extraordinary images.“

Dr. med. Wolfgang Bengel

Vice president DGZMB,
Lennart Nilsson-Award Committee Member
„Martin has put scientific photography on a new esthetic level.“

Dr. Bill Hearl

CEO Immunomic Inco.
“The print looks beautiful! (…). It really is extraordinary work… you are a modern master!”