Microscopic Art – Limited Stamp Series for Swiss Post

The Swiss Post releases special stamp series created by Martin Oeggerli

Berne, 7 May 2020

We are delighted to present the limited edition stamp series created and designed by Martin Oeggerli for the Swiss Post. 

Microscopic art: The series includes two stamps with 85 Rp or 100 Rp franking, respectively. The overall masterplan of the series was to design iconic stamps to decorate your letter by adding a beautiful stamp with a secret (hidden) message to the envelope. Frankly speaking, this is not only a noble gesture… it’s also the first thing your recipient sees!

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Have a look at how Martin Oeggerli’s works are produced: SRF video (only available in German)

The 85 Rp franking is focusing on a handful of Forget-me-not pollen grains that see the light of day just after having slipped through the anthers’s surface. Forget-me-not pollen are among the smallest existing grains within the pollen universe. A magnification factor of nearly 3.000x is necessary to display the invisible scenery on this stamp.

The 100 Rp franking exposes the miraculous self-cleaning (superhydrophobic) properties of a rose petal – which is often used as the symbol of love. Again, high magnification technology was required to see the hierarchical micro-nano structures that are leading to the silky shine and pristine look of rose petals.

Technical information: Sales from 30.4.2020 to 30.6.2021 or while stocks last. Validity unlimited from 7.5.2020. Printing Offset, 4-colour, Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe, France. Sizes 33x28mm (stamps) and 194x140mm (sheets; 4 rows of 5 stamps). Paper white stamp paper with optical brightener, matt gummed, 110 gm². Perforation 13¼:13¼. Design by Martin Oeggerli, Münchenstein, supported by School of Life Sciences, FHNW, Muttenz, and Pathology Department at the University Hospital Basel.

Cancellation: For the cancellation, both flowers are displayed side-by-side. A magnifier on top symbolically indicates that my work is based on invisibly small detail. The official release date of the series and the artist’s place of work (Münchenstein) complete the mark. Designed by graphic artist Silvia Wolff.

Art collectors: please find a very limited number of hand-signed original fine prints available from the artist’s website. Here, two framed works are shown side-by-side in acrylic finish with shadow gap frame (basswood, white; format 50x70cm).
Please use the artist’s email to order or get more informations.
Formats and editions are as follows:

Rose petal – Classic edition: 40x50cm, or 50x70cm (limited to 25 pieces), CHF 2.500.- / 3.500.-

Rose petal – Collectors edition: 100x150cm, or 135x180cm (5 pieces) , CHF 8.500.- / 12.000.-

Forget-me-not – Classic edition: 40x50cm, or 50x70cm (25 pieces), CHF 2.500.- / 3.500.-

Forget-me-not – Collectors edition: 120x160cm (5 pieces), CHF 8.500.-

Philately: stamp collectors are offered a unique set holding two works of art at once: a larger frame is displaying the original stamp sheet (either forget-me-not, or rose), cancelled, numbered and signed by the artist.

To conserve the value of the stamp sheet for collectors, the sheet is reversibly framed. A single stamp is replaced with the artist’s signature and the sequential number of the edition. The package is completed by the significantly smaller frame holding one single stamp of the reverse franking. Both frames are carefully hand-built in Switzerland, utilizing dark oak wood and anti-reflecting glass. The package was especially designed by the artist to celebrate the release of his Microscopic Art-stamp series and is only available over a short period of time from the artist’s website – no bookstores, no museums, no shops!  Pricing: CHF 270.- plus shipping. Please use the artist’s email to order.

Art card (limited edition):The elegant art card in A4 size includes two cancelled original stamps and is signed by the artist Martin Oeggerli. Offset and embossed foil printing, paper 250 gm2. Numbered and limited to 400 pieces. This product was available shortly from Postshop (i.e. official online service of The SwissPost) and was immediately sold out.

Additional products available at Postshop.ch (i.e. the official The SwissPost online service).